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“Ro” Rosanne Rusnock is a national speaker, a Feng Shui expert and dream building expert which is the art and science of transforming your dreams into reality. Ro has invested the last 20 years into studying energy and transformational principles.


At the fundamental level of Ro’s programs is a core purpose – to contribute to spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness so that we may live in a more peaceful and joyful world. In order to achieve peace in our world, each one of us must take 100% responsibility in creating peace and wellness inside of us, before we can ever have peace on the planet.


Their spaces: Ro consults with both residential and commercial property owners who realize that their homes and work places have a profound effect on their energy levels and happiness. Through Feng Shui, Ro guides them in making positive energetic changes to create spaces that empower them and absolutely LOVE!


Their lives: Feng shui doesn’t just transform external spaces. By using feng shui tools, scientific

principles, and energy techniques to clear energetic blocks in their bodies, Ro supports individuals to expand their leadership ability to be seen, inspire change, create wealth and success habits to magnetize their dreams.


Ro is the owner of Elements and Energy and the founder of the Conscious Visionaries Networking Group.  Elements and Energy is her business platform for external and internal Feng Shui and The Conscious Visionaries Networking Group is to support and work directly with spirit led individuals and organizations that honor higher guidance, power of presence, and lead with compassion and love. It all results in clearer vision, alignment, enthusiasm, performance, grace, and peace. It also leads to abundantly growing revenue streams, income and profits.


Through her live events, transformational programs, Feng Shui consults, Ro has empowered thousands of people achieve hew heights of spiritual awareness, personal and business mastery and wealth.  Learn more about Ro:


Ro Rusnock EFSP

Elements and Energy 480-241-5805

Certified Feng Shui Consultant



-Feng Shui Coach

Founder of Conscious Visionaries Networking Group